I am Proud to be a Indian

M. Mohamed Asik

In recent days, weeks and months all the sort of the information were written in the local news and were kind of “hot topics” to discuss for. In regardless there were associated with local news or foreign news, there is one thing for sure that everybody is talking about liberty… A freedom … Non interference of politic world, etc etc

Poverty is something that clearly written that requires urgent attention from all the parties in regardless their ideology, culture and religion but believe it or not, poverty is a common situation happened to every individual which mainly been caused by us.

Taking consideration that every Indian citizen is given a excellent opportunity to enable themselves to excel in every future undertakings, yet there is still some number of poverties happened around us. Of course, to certain individual this issue is a stepping stone for their self-beneficial interests.

Human being is a gifted creature created by Allah(God). We able to survive in any possible and impossible environments. Our unique fast adaption to the environment has enable us to be in the competitive surviving skills.

India is a blessing land. A country formed by a multi culture, multi religion and multi race. Yet there is a number of people verbally dissatisfied with our beloved country(some kashmiris). Some express a dissatisfaction on current policies, government, etc…(maoist, communist and hindu right wing) Yet this is a common human being behavior….  We should be satisfied on what ever we have, we are given and the situation we lived in..

I was born in 1987 and clearly those who were in my generation may have a same conclusion – We were given a right education, we were given a job opportunities, we were given a right to vote, we were given a right to marry freely and we were given to own any Properties freely…but excerpt politician and Gov. guys bribe.

Thus, India is a land for secular; Middle east and North Africans want to learn from us.

Perhaps we all should take a deep breath… make a wise judgment… and thanking to Allah that we are still healthy, wealthy and live in harmony society…. We(Indian) should now start to move on, We should catch the fruit of super power in 2020( our Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s vision)

May Allah(God) blesses us… May Allah blesses our country………… PROUD TO SAY INDIAN

By Indian(M. Mohamed Asik)



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Hemant Karkare ji

He is a IPS officer in Indian state of Maharashtra. He is bravest and honest police officer in india.
Hemant Karkare laid down his lives fighting terrorists during the Mumbai attacks, on 27 November 2008.

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