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Top Ten Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, a southern State of India, rich in culture, is the gateway to India. This beautiful state is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in the midst of the deep blue Indian Ocean, bordering with Kerala in the west, Karnataka in the northwest and Andhra Pradesh in the north. There are … Continue reading

Honeymoon in the Hillstations of India

The most eagerly awaited moment in every couple’s life is the honeymoon. It is a vacation like no other, one that will never be replaced by any vacations thereafter. This is why people try to find a perfect destination for their honeymoon and start planning for it very early. In India, newly wed couples have … Continue reading

Popular Beaches in India

The natural beauty, exotic locations and rich heritage has helped India to stand as the most visited and most popular tourist spot in the world. The status of “Incredible India”, is defined by an incredible range of nature’s blessings on the Indian subcontinent and this incredibility is doubled by one of the most fabulous tourism … Continue reading

India Tours- Top 5 Most Preferred Hill Stations in South India

South India is considered as Incredible India’s backbone with such scenic splendors’ that even words lack the valor to define them. The popular tourist destinations in South India are affluent with cultural heritage, scintillating picturesque spots, serene environment and astounding nature’s blessings that tourists from all points on the globe pay a must visit for … Continue reading

Agra – The city, which defines Incredible India

Agra – The Taj city is India’s epitome of tourism. Tourists are attracted towards the magnificent piece of creation that is the Taj Mahal – Essence of love, and seek to make it to the place in order to get the glimpse of Indian culture’s sanctity. The priceless Agra tour’s experience doubles for tourists not … Continue reading

Hemant Karkare ji

He is a IPS officer in Indian state of Maharashtra. He is bravest and honest police officer in india.
Hemant Karkare laid down his lives fighting terrorists during the Mumbai attacks, on 27 November 2008.

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