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Home Security-Motion Detector Alarms

Home security is a growing concern for millions of people. Even though the housing market is in the tank, the average value of a home these days is still $200,000. Not exactly chicken feed! It is still the largest investment most families will ever have. Yet more people have their cars alarmed than have their … Continue reading

Gross domestic product – Basis

What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? Gross Domestic Product (GDP) like the CPI can be heard daily as a common economic terms, yet one not always understood. As defined by economics theory, Gross Domestic Product measures a country’s production output as a way of calculating the growth or decline of its economy. GDP sums up … Continue reading

New x-ray warning in pregnant women

  Scientists reaffirm that clinicians should be cautious about using x-ray imaging in pregnant women because of its potential risk to children. Previous studies of children born between 1940 and 1970 found an increase in childhood cancer, particularly leukemia, in those exposed to x-ray before birth. The higher x-ray doses of instruments used in those … Continue reading

How to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash

Most people assemble gold trinkets and items of some worth during their lives, and much of it has little sentimental value.  If you know how to sell gold jewelry for cash, you can convert some things you don’t need into money in the bank.  Here are some pointers on ways to get the most for … Continue reading

How To Remove PC Problems?

Computers have provided us with so many advantages which include a faster resolution of work and higher storage of data.Over the years, we have started placing an increased reliance on PCs, desktops and laptops to carry on with our work at an expedited pace. However, PC users occasionally face minor PC problems like hardware stuck-ups … Continue reading

Hemant Karkare ji

He is a IPS officer in Indian state of Maharashtra. He is bravest and honest police officer in india.
Hemant Karkare laid down his lives fighting terrorists during the Mumbai attacks, on 27 November 2008.

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