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Don’t Worry for Internet Speed is Slow

There are many different reasons why your Internet may be running slow. The type of connection you have ultimately determines how fast or how slow your Internet is going to be. With DSL, cable, and even FiOS growing and dial-up dying at an exponential level, many are left to wonder why their Internet is still … Continue reading

How to Remove Spyware From My Computer!

Spyware can be a huge pain to deal with on your computer. You’re browsing a long, reading your favorite comic or blog, or perhaps playing a game and you slowly notice your computer starting to lag. The likely cause is because of spyware or a virus. Spyware or adware can be many different things. Its … Continue reading


Abstract India’s   draft   national   manufacturing   policy   proposes   National   Manufacturing   and Investment   Zones  (NMIZs)  as  instruments  for  revitalising  manufacturing.  The  policy addresses major challenges for Indian manufacturing such as inflexible labour laws, multiple procedures and environment-friendly production.  However, NMIZs pose several questions with respect to their relationship with Special Economic Zones  (SEZs). Unless states are consulted … Continue reading

Why Computer Randomly Shutting Down?

How many times have you ever asked yourself why is my computer randomly shutting down? It’s very frustrating, especially if you haven’t recently saved your work. You not only lose time, but your productivity and cost can take a real hit. When your computer is shutting down by itself and without warning, there are usually … Continue reading

How To Make Your Windows Computer Run Fast

Making Windows run faster is actually very easy to do if you know the “insider” tricks on how to improve the way this system runs. The good news is that there are a number of possible issues that will be leading your computer to run much slower, meaning that if you’re able to repair any … Continue reading

Hemant Karkare ji

He is a IPS officer in Indian state of Maharashtra. He is bravest and honest police officer in india.
Hemant Karkare laid down his lives fighting terrorists during the Mumbai attacks, on 27 November 2008.

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