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Cost Control In Construction

screen shot of e-stm8 costing platform

Unit Costing platform in e-STM8 Software

Elements of Cost Control

  • Observation
  • Comparison of observation with some desired standard
  • Corrective action to take if necessary.

Cost Control Systems

The following systems and variants of them are in use in the Construction Industry:

Overal Profit or loss

The Contractors waits until the Contract is finished then compares expenditure and revenue.
The system is only suitable for very small contracts of short durations. The information provided by this system can induce corrective action in future contracts, and surely not the finished one from which data was extracted.

Profit or Loss at valuation dates

In this system, the total costs to date are compared with valuations gross of retentions. It is not suitable for contracts which involove significant set up costs which are distributed over the unit rates.

Unit Costing

In this system, costs of various types of work, such as concrete casting, are recorded separately. The costs, both cumulatively and periodically are divided by the quantity of work of each type. This provided unit costs that can be compared with those estimated in the tender. A recommended platform for this system is e-stm8 software, which provides an estimating platform as well as an invoicing platform. It has a 15 day free trial, you can find more information in our software section.

Developments in Cost Control Systems

Short term scheduling and control

This system was developed at Loughborough University in association with a contractor. It aims to merger the planning and supervision and hence to obtain a more or less zero response time.

Project Cost model.

This a system developed by Dr Martin Barnes for simulating future actions and thus guiding the manager in his choice between them

Quantitative Scheduling

One of the unique Construction Software that provides a futuristic construction cost control tool for construction management is the CFF3 for cash flow forecasting. Version three has taken into consideration the possible deviations from estimates of cost as well as cash in patterns and provided a means to return back to the original estimate by damping out these deviations through the remaining period of construction. Updated estimates are provided each time an actual figure is added such that the end cost remain same as was originally estimated. It provides an excellent guide for managers through the construction project to capture the best possible actions in each period activities. Labor rate and efficiency constitute the core of Quantitative Scheduling which is highly recommended if cost minimization in respect of productivity rates is sought.
Also Construction Cost is directly related to Material price, Material usage and waste, Fixed and varied overhead expenditure. These are the areas where managers should seek action for future adjustments in order to get back to original estimate or practically as near as possible.


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