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Chiller Plant Design and Applications Guide

The guide is a comprehensive 96-page PDF manual which discusses various piping and control methods commonly used with commercial chilled water systems.

This Chiller Plant Design Guide discusses the components used in a chilled water system. It reviews various HVAC chiller-plant designs explaining their operation, strengths and weaknesses.


It’s by no means complete, and users are encouraged to purchase a copy of the Standard 90.1 as well as the User Manual which can be purchased online at

chiller plant design guide

This Chiller Plant Design Guide covers.

  1. Chiller basics
  2. Piping basics
  3. Cooling tower basics
  4. Control valve basics
  5. Mechanical rooms
  6. Pump requirements.

These are operational guidelines and every project has its own unique characteristics. Nonetheless, for non HVAC engineers (like me) looking for an overview to HVAC chilled water systems, this guide will prove useful.

Download Chiller Plant Design (90-page PDF)
Produced by McQuay International (Daiken McQuay)

Let me know what you think!


Content – Chiller Plant Design Application Guide.

  • Air and Evaporative Cooled Chillers;
  • Air-Cooled Chillers;
  • Chiller Plant Design Basics;
  • Control Valve Basics;
  • Cooling Tower Basics;
  • Cooling Tower Sizing;
  • Direct Waterside Free Cooling;
  • Dual Compressor and VFD Chillers;
  • Dual Compressor Chillers;
  • Estimating System Volume;
  • Evaluating System Volume;
  • Evaporative Cooled Chillers;
  • Heat Recovery and Templifiers™;
  • Hybrid Plants;
  • Load Basics;
  • Loop Control Basics;
  • Mechanical Room Safety;
  • Parallel Chiller System;
  • Parallel Waterside Free Cooling;
  • Piping Basics;
  • Piping Diversity;
  • Primary/Secondary Sequence of Operation;
  • Primary/Secondary Systems;
  • Pumping Basics;
  • Series Chillers;
  • Series Waterside Free Cooling;
  • Single Chiller Sequence of Operation;
  • Single Chiller System;
  • Supply Air Temperature;
  • Variable Primary Flow Design;
  • Variable Primary Flow Sequence of Operation;
  • Very Large Chiller Plants;
  • VFD Chillers;
  • Water Temperatures and Ranges;
  • Water-Side Free Cooling;
  • Waterside Free Cooling Design Approach;
  • Waterside Free Cooling Sequence of Operation.


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