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Ford’s New Style Revealed in Evos Concept

Ford's New Style - Evos Concept

Ford has revealed images and limited details about its stunning Evos concept car, which will debut later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The concept represents the next generation of Ford’s Kinetic design language, which began showing up on non-U.S. models several years ago and in the United States with the 2011 Fiesta, and 2012 Focus models. The carmaker’s global design chief, J Mays, told Car and Driver that the new look will include a visual emphasis on “perceived efficiency.” In this case, perception and reality won’t be too far off.

The Evos features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain—and the car’s refined sleekness isn’t just there for the gawking. Ford designers sought to lower the drag coefficient of the Evos without sacrificing the distinctness of the car’s silhouette. Early followers of the Chevy Volt may remember that that plug-in started out looking like an electric Camaro but would eventually come to more closely resemble a Toyota Prius, as designers sought improve aerodynamics and increase its overall efficiency. Thus far, Ford’s new design language looks like it will spawn cars that retain a style all their own.

In addition to aerodynamics and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Evos concept also gets a technologically-derived fuel economy boost. The car’s computer system is designed to recognize driver behavior and adjust engine dynamics to get the most out of each driving situation. There is also a feature possibly designed to keep the car in compliance with emissions-free driving zones— which could begin showing up in European cities by 2050 if a recently-released EU white paper is any indication. The Evos is capable of switching into all-electric mode as directed in zones that may have such emissions restrictions.

So when can we expect the new generation of Ford’s design language to begin showing up on production models? According to Auto News, the first car to incorporate the Evos’s styling should be unveiled in roughly four months time, possibly at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Stay tuned.


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