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How to Remove Spyware From My Computer!

Mohamed Asik

Spyware can be a huge pain to deal with on your computer. You’re browsing a long, reading your favorite comic or blog, or perhaps playing a game and you slowly notice your computer starting to lag. The likely cause is because of spyware or a virus. Spyware or adware can be many different things. Its usually a program that somehow finds its way to your computer and runs silently in the background.

The problem with this is two fold. First off its sending your information out to whoever originated the program. From credit card numbers to passwords to your email accounts. The second problem is that we all don’t own super computers. Am I right? Most of us bought our run of the mill computer from a big retail chain and its good for what we need. Well, as that spyware runs in the background its hogging up resources that your computer needs to run quickly. That’s when you notice it slowing down.

There are many ways to tackle the removal of spyware. Some are longer then others. Some spyware programs are very difficult to remove and should only be dealt with by computer professionals. But for the average spyware issue there are several things you can do. First start by clearing out your cookies on all your browsers. This includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Chrome. These are the most popular. After you’ve cleared all of your cookies out, set it to clear your cookies after you log out. This will prevent malicious cookies from sitting on your computer.

Another very important step is to make sure your computer is up to date. Make sure you’ve run the update program for windows or apple and that everything is installed. Generally, this is best defense against spyware.

Install all updates and restart the computer. Now you should have everything updated and all cookies deleted.

Now lets take a look at your program list. Find the correct application on your computer (Usually add/remove programs) and take a look at that long list. Do you recognize any of the programs? If its something you didn’t put on there yourself, its generally a good idea to uninstall it. Look for items like “toolbars” or “search” programs. These generally are bundled in with free software you may have downloaded and usually act like spyware.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you remove spyware from your computer. Good luck!
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